Online Group Exhibition - "Cameraless” September 2019


Pleiades Alcyone“ by V. Elizabeth Turk | Van Dyke Photogram on Stonehenge Paper

Analog Forever Magazine is pleased to showcase 32 images in this month’s online exhibition entitled Cameraless. Curated by Dan Shepherd of Gallery 1 of 1, these photographs explore a long and rich history of cameraless photography! Spend your day absorbing the alchemy of light, chemistry, and materials that created these “photogenic drawings” via the artful combination of science, experimentation, and the working hands of photographic artists around the world.

Dan Shepherd writes: In my role as the director of a gallery that specializes in alternative processes and experimental photography, I am blessed to have a lot of interaction with the creative artists who make cameraless prints. When I show this kind of work on the gallery walls I generally have two responses. One is a look of amazement and wonder when I describe the elaborate effort, process and ingenuity it took to make the work of art.  The other common response is a side-eyed look of incredulity mostly from those that are firmly in the camp of photography defined by a camera, a lens and a representational image.  But I really love to see the hand of the artist and cameraless photography gives me a chance to do just that. The selections for this month’s exhibition cover a nice range of subject, processes and materials that I hope will give a little something for everyone’s eyes. And show the myriad of ways cameraless photography can be expressed.

For the prize-winning print, I picked a lovely Van Dyke photogram by V. Elizabeth Turk.  I love how it elegantly combines figurative and abstract imagery in a way that I think would appeal even to the camera purists. I look forward to seeing what she creates with her new Cyanotype Immersion Kit generously donated by the best source for handcrafted photography supplies, Bostick & Sullivan.

-Dan Shepherd

The Prize - A Cyanotype Immersion Kit from Bostick & Sullivan!

Congratulations to V. Elizabeth Turk for winning this month’s exhibition! You will be receiving a Cyanotype Immersion Kit courtesy of Bostick & Sullivan!

The Bostick & Sullivan Cyanotype Immersion Kit contains EVERYTHING you need to start creating your own cyanotypes at home! This kit is packed with items and includes:

  • 250ml  Cyanotype Kits x2

  • 500ml Cyanotype Toning and Bleaching kit

  • 8x10 tray

  • 2in Langnickel synthetic hair brush

  • 25 sheets of Revere Platinum paper

  • 1 14.5in x 15.5in canvas bag

  • 1 6in x 71in 100% silk scarf

Make sure you visit the Bostick & Sullivan website to learn all about their Cyanotype Immersion Kit!

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About the Curator

Dan Shepherd is the Director and Owner of GALLERY 1/1 which specializes in experimental and alternative process photography and is based in San Jose, CA. He is also a Guest Editor for LENSCRATCH and a Contributing Writer for Don’t Take Pictures Magazine. When not championing the art of others, Dan tries to find time to get into the studio to work on his personal projects that center around science and nature.

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