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Online Group Exhibition - "Cameraless” September 2019

Analog Forever Magazine is pleased to showcase 32 images in this month’s online exhibition entitled Camerleass. Curated by Dan Shepherd of Gallery 1 of 1, these photographs explore long and rich history of cameraless photography! Spend your day absorbing the alchemy of light, chemistry and materials that created these “photogenic drawings” via the artful combination of science, experimentation, and the working hands of photographic artists around the world. This online exhibition is sponsored by Bostick & Sullivan!

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Online Group Exhibition: "Back to the Future: Historic Processes in the Modern World" November 2018

Analog Forever Magazine’s second Online Group Exhibition "Back to the Future: Historic Processes in the Modern World" looks all the way back to the first decades of photo history for our inspiration, the days when making potions was a vital part of your photographic magic. This online group exhibition features work of 30 analog photographers using a diverse set of cameras, formats, and printing techniques ranging from 35mm Platinum/Palladium Prints to Large Format Wet Plate Collodion Tin Types and Cyanotypes. Feast your eyes on this gallery of inspiration for alternative and historic process photographers.

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