Online Group Exhibition - "Speed” October 2019

"Barbershop, Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, Uganda“ by  Frederic de Woelmont  | Leica M6 + 35mm Lens + Ilford HP5 Film

"Barbershop, Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, Uganda“ by Frederic de Woelmont | Leica M6 + 35mm Lens + Ilford HP5 Film

Analog Forever Magazine is pleased to showcase 32 images in this month’s online exhibition entitled Speed. Curated by Tim Scott, these photographs explore the concept of speed and movement in diverse and unique ways. Tim Scott has this to say about this month’s exhibition:

Tim Scott writes: How is it possible to share the feeling of speed with an image that is not moving? This was the challenge for this month’s online exhibit challenge. It’s a tough one. As a photographer that loves to photograph speed/racing culture this is something that I wrestle with every time I photograph this subject. For me, it’s not just a blur that makes this concept work well. It is more of an emotion, a tension or a single image story that makes this work. I want to feel like I'm experiencing something, about to experience something, suspended in time experiencing something or have just missed the actual experience of something. Is that clear enough?

The top 4 photographs I ended up selecting surprised even me. Not a single car or motorcycle in any of them–and there were a lot of good ones with bikes, automobiles and motorcycles. But I chose the top 4 images that best represented the concept of speed, movement, tension and joy in a way that stuck in my mind and wouldn’t fade. Thank you each and everyone in this group for submitting your work. You have inspired me to see new ways to approach this challenging subject.

Why did I choose the images that I did? Well, they made me feel something about the concept of speed. Speed doesn’t just mean going fast, it technically means some type of measurable movement. In some of my favorite submitted photographs “speed” was “seen” through an act frozen in time at a precise moment or in the process of happening. One thing that I hadn’t considered for this challenge was photographing the effect of speed. Sheesh, this is a tough one. Speed, to me, is a feeling and an emotion triggered by sensations and the photos I chose were the ones that best communicated this feeling to me. Some were surprising, some made me tense and others made me smile–all of the wonderful things I feel while moving at speed.

-Tim Scott

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About the Curator

Tim Scott is a working creative director in the world of advertising and design with an obsessive passion for photography. Tim’s dedication to all things visual and story-telling has led him through the top agencies in NYC as a creative director and art director working with brands, global and national. Tim now lives and works from the edge of Los Angeles County in Pomona, California with his beautiful wife Rachel.

From 8x10 to 35mm and everything in-between Tim is an avid film shooter utilizing the beautiful cameras of yesteryear. With a focus on racing, hot rod culture and portraits his work is dedicated to telling stories of people places and things that inspire him. Finding the human connection and emotion in his work is a vital piece of his creative vision.

With features in Looking Glass Magazine selection as a finalist in the Lucie Foundation/MOPLA “Analog Portrait Project” exhibit and selection for show in the LightBox Photographic Gallery’s “Extending Tradition” exhibit, Tim’s work is growing in awareness and visibility as curators and collectors take notice. 

Connect with Tim on his Website and on Instagram!