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Online Group Exhibition - "Visual Audio” June 2019

Analog Forever Magazine is pleased to showcase 24 images in this month’s online exhibition, entitled Visual Audio. Curated by Michael Kirchoff, these photographs explore the results from a magical combination of photography and music, which have almost always been intertwined as two complimentary practices of art. The images presented show both passionate live performances and artists with their cherished instruments, that truly show how important music is to the art of photography.

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Online Group Exhibition: “Constructs: Building Images with Instant Film” December 2018

Analog Forever Magazine’s December Online Group Exhibition “Constructs: Building Images with Instant Film” curated by Michael Kirchoff analyzes the the iconic medium of Polaroid as building blocks for our creative endeavors. This online group exhibition features work of 30 analog photographers using a diverse set of cameras, formats, and printing techniques ranging from classic Polaroid SX-70 cameras to Impossible Project’s Instant Lab. Feast your eyes on this gallery of inspiration for instant film created art!

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