Online Group Exhibition: “Constructs: Building Images with Instant Film” December 2018

“Painting False Hopes” by  Rachael Yates  | Impossible Project Instant Lab + Impossible Project 600 Film

“Painting False Hopes” by Rachael Yates | Impossible Project Instant Lab + Impossible Project 600 Film

As stated in the call for entries for this exhibition, instant films are the building blocks that we can strive to construct something not normally done with other methods of image making. Using the artists hand brings a new and personal touch to the final work. Uniqueness is prevalent in photographs made, not taken. It is this uniqueness that I found while pulling my hair out trying to make my final selections. Each of you who submitted made your voice heard loud and clear, and made my task a nearly impossible one.

You’ve shown me what I already knew when writing the call for entry, but you’ve taken it steps further in progressing the methods used to construct these images. I am extremely grateful to each and every one of you who submitted, as I now have a new host of people who I will be watching for into the future. I asked you all to construct something to send in to me, and with gratitude, I have been able to build this exhibition with some of the most interesting and beautiful imagery assembled from analog materials. There is nothing hollow represented here. You can feel this work, and you can experience it like nothing else. You have all contributed to shaping the face of what can be accomplished in this new instant film world. I thank you all for this contribution.

-Michael Kirchoff
Editor in Chief, Analog Forever Magazine

The Prize - A Polaroid Originals One Step+ Camera!

Congratulations to Rachael Yates for being the recipient of this month’s Polaroid Originals camera and film giveaway! We’re sure that you’ll be able to put it to good use, with thanks to Polaroid Originals for being this months sponsor!


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About the Curator

Michael Kirchoff works in the worlds of both commercial and fine art photography. A commercial shooter for over twenty-five years, it is his fine art work that has set him apart from others, with instant film and toy camera images fueling more than a few bodies of work. His consulting, training, and overall support of his fellow photographic artist continues with assistance in constructing ones vision, reviewing portfolios, and finding exhibition opportunities, which fill the gaps in time away from active shooting.

Michael is also an independent curator and juror for a number of organizations and galleries around the country, including Photolucida’s Critical Mass. In addition, he spent ten years (2006-2016) on the Board of the American Photographic Artists in Los Angeles (APA/LA), producing artist lectures, as well as business and inspirational events for the community. Currently, he is also Editor-in-Chief at Analog Forever Magazine, and has recently founded the online photographer interview website, Catalyst: Interviews. Previously, Michael spent over four years as Editor at BLUR Magazine.

Michael’s fine art imagery has garnered recognition from the IPA Awards, PX3,  Photographers Forum, and Critical Mass. His photographs have been published in L'Oeil de la Photographie, B&W (U.S.), Black & White (U.K.), Seities, Esquire, BLUR, Harpers, Adore Noir, Fraction, SHOTS, Diffusion Annual, and Lenscratch, among others. Michael also continues to exhibit his work domestically and  internationally, with more than a dozen solo exhibitions, and over fifty group exhibitions to date.

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