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Analog Forever Magazine Issue 1 Artist Selection Announcement!

Analog Forever Magazine is proud to announce our debut print publication will be published and released on November 1st, 2019! We are excited to present to you a 125+ page journal featuring 10 analog and experimental photographers from around the globe - from Europe and Great Britain to the USA and Germany- each exploring various methods for using the medium we love in individual, creative ways. Included in Issue 1 are four in-depth interviews with Estevan Oriol, Lynn Bierbaum, Fred Lyon, and Yelena Zhavoronkova with features on Nils Karlson, Blue Mitchell, John F. Cooper Photography, K.K. DePaul, Mads Madison, and Anna Försterling! Get a preview of what we have in store for you coming this November by reading this article!

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Interview: Patricia Bender's Photograms - Euclidean Pursuits

An interview with fine art photographer Patricia Bender. Bender creates cameraless photograms that explore lines and shapes using Euclidean systems of geometry. Her work speaks to our primordial consciences that have developed over thousands of years that allows us to grasp the esoteric shapes that rule our world.

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Exhibition: The Silicon Valley Plastic Camera Show - 10 Years of Low-Fi Photography Brilliance

The Silicon Valley Plastic Camera Show is a brand new iteration of a decade long tradition. After the announced closing of Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco, the photo community near and far went into a period of loud mourning. More than just a darkroom and gallery space, it was a meeting place, a home for anyone interested in the magic of photography, regardless of style, method, or experience.

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