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Polaroid Week Spring 2019: Our Top 20 Favorites!

Polaroid Week is a bi-annual celebration of instant film that is held on Flickr that allows lovers of the medium to get together and share their newly created instant works. This year’s Spring Polaroid Week started on Sunday March 21st and lasted until Friday March 26th and had 222 members submit a total of 1,200+ photographs! We watched the action unfold and have chosen 20 of our absolute favorites!

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Featured Photographer: Julia Beyer - Our World In Flames

Julia Beyer’s world is on fire. She recently returned from a trip to Iceland where she used Expired Polaroid Time- Zero film to create scenes that transformed the wilderness around her into psychedelic fantasies. Beyer has managed to capture one of the most beautiful locations on earth and turn it into a flaming dreamscape suitable only for an adventure from reality.

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