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Interview: James Guerin of Reality So Subtle Pinhole Cameras

For the month of July we're bringing the pinhole into focus at Analog Forever. For these long, hazy summer days we'll be looking at some long, hazy exposures made on what are, conceptually, the most basic of cameras. In advance of our next online exhibition of pinhole imagery curated by Nils Carlson, we're checking in with James Guerin, manufacturer of Reality So Subtle pinhole cameras, and the generous sponsor of the exhibition. One lucky photographer included in the “Camera Obscura” group exhibition will be awarded a Reality So Subtle 6x6F medium format pinhole camera.

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Exhibition: The Silicon Valley Plastic Camera Show - 10 Years of Low-Fi Photography Brilliance

The Silicon Valley Plastic Camera Show is a brand new iteration of a decade long tradition. After the announced closing of Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco, the photo community near and far went into a period of loud mourning. More than just a darkroom and gallery space, it was a meeting place, a home for anyone interested in the magic of photography, regardless of style, method, or experience.

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Featured Photographer: Zeb Andrew's Series "Sea"

Photographers, like other artists, builders, and creatives require the right tools and equipment to complete their projects - Zeb Andrews is not one of these individuals. Though he has mastered the use of his Hasselblad camera to create his dreamy long exposures of the sea, he excels at creating and shooting pinhole cameras designed from household goods to wooden boxes. The images he creates using these one of a kind cameras are just as surreal and breathtaking as the ones created on his professional grade camera.

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