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Polaroid Week Fall 2018: Our Top 20 Favorites!

Polaroid Week is a bi-annual celebration of instant film that is held on Flickr that allows lovers of the medium to get together and share their newly created instant works. This year’s Fall Polaroid Week started on Sunday October 21st and lasted until Friday October 26th and had 424 members submit a total of 3,100 photographs (year to date). We watched the action unfold and have chosen 20 of our absolute favorites! 

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Interview: Some Photos of That Day with Hugh Crawford

To call Some Photos of That Day a photobook of Polaroids would be disingenuous. On the surface this book is thousands of Polaroids placed in chronological order between two covers. What it really represents is the continuation of the late Jamie Livingston's magnum opus: a series of 6,754 photographs taken every day starting on March 31st,1979 and ending on the last day of his life on October 25th,1997, his 41st birthday. Livingston's "project" is undeniably complex because it works on multiple lines of reasoning on why such a project would be important to begin with. It could be interpreted simply as an artist's view of his immediate world or as a commentary on how life changes so slowly and often just as quickly.

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