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Interview: Nicholas J R White's Series "Black Dots"

Read our latest interview with British photographer Nicholas J R White! His series "Black Dots" is a magical exploration of primitive unmanned shelters, known as bothies, that are scattered across the isolated and wild countryside of the United Kingdom. His work captures both the archaic beauty of these small structures living in the shadows of snow-capped peaks and the travelers that occupy their often bleak interiors, with nothing but fire and camaraderie to keep them warm.

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Featured Photographer: Bastian Kalous’s Expired Polaroids of an Eternal Land

German photographer Bastian Kalous has a habit transporting us to enchanting larger than life locations that we could only dream of visiting, that happens to be just outside his doorstep. The scenes he captures are a distinctive hybrid between breathtaking landscapes and intimate self-portraits that creates an instantaneous portal from his world to ours. This connection has allowed us to explore and experience stunning mountain peaks, enchanting vistas, and cold frozen forests that seem more like our own memories than photographs due to his innate ability to work with long expired Polaroid film stocks. Bastian has been able to master and tame the unpredictable nature of these long expired films and harness their magical colorful properties to bring the transformative properties of nature right to our doorstep.

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Featured Photographer: Elliott Verdier's A Shaded Path

French documentary photographer Elliott Verdier, at the age of 25, has already dedicated his life to photojournalism and documentary photography. It seems fitting that his 2016 series, A Shaded Path, would be received with critical acclaim from the likes of The British Journal of Photography, Lensculture, and Format considering he has always known exactly what direction he wanted his life to take. He distinctly remembers his childhood afternoons spent with his Godfather, combing through his photographic and documentary print collection of far off lands, peoples, and cultures. He loved the idea of these photographers traveling to distant places and living exciting lives as a cultural jet setter with nowhere else to travel to but forward onto their next adventure. These feelings of invigorating wanderlust would propel him to pursue a career as a photojournalist.

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