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Featured Photographer: Mads Madison's Global Warming Series

Mads Madison’s Global Warming Series consists of experiments done on wasted film by testing photosensitive material in miniature greenhouses with various chemicals and temperatures that leave the viewer to absorb a post-apocalyptic spectacle filled with orange atmospheric flames, dead and brown vegetation, and fractures in the foundation of our surroundings. His series is a walk down future lane and a stunningly beautiful warning to remain conscious of what we expose to our easily manipulated planet.

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Interview: Thomas Kellner - Reinterpreting Reality

Editor in Chief Michael Kirchoff takes a deep dive into the works and unique process of Thomas Kellner who creates outstanding, and occasionally mammoth-sized prints that deconstruct and reinterpret architectural masterpieces, rebuilding them, frame by frame, into animated and often whimsical works of art. With Thomas about to embark on another round of international travel in his pursuit of engaging and beautiful photographic works, it is quite fortunate that we were able to secure this informative interview for the readers of Analog Forever Magazine before his journeys commence. Upon his upcoming departure, we wish Thomas safe travels in his endeavors, and look forward to what he brings back from the field! In the meantime explore his one of a kind style and expertise in crafting his masterpieces at!

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