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Interview: Josephine Sacabo - Mysterious Beauty

The beautiful and mysterious imagery, books, prints, and process of Josephine Sacabo are examined in our latest interview with the artist at Analog Forever Magazine. Get to know more about Josephine, whose latest exhibition, Moments of Being, is on full view at A Gallery for Fine Photography, in New Orleans - and check out the trade release of her monograph, “Structures of Reverie”.

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Interview: Jennifer Shaw - It's Personal

Using her macro-enabled Holga camera, photographer Jennifer Shaw illustrates her personal stories of flood and storm-ravaged New Orleans with much of the depth and intimacy of having witnessed them first person. These stories, along with her work as a mother, educator, and creative director for the annual PhotoNOLA Festival, paint the picture of an individual who works tirelessly for her art and craft. Please enjoy Analog Forever Magazine’s eye-opening interview with Jennifer, in advance of your chance to experience PhotoNOLA yourself, coming soon!

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Interview: Thomas Kellner - Reinterpreting Reality

Editor in Chief Michael Kirchoff takes a deep dive into the works and unique process of Thomas Kellner who creates outstanding, and occasionally mammoth-sized prints that deconstruct and reinterpret architectural masterpieces, rebuilding them, frame by frame, into animated and often whimsical works of art. With Thomas about to embark on another round of international travel in his pursuit of engaging and beautiful photographic works, it is quite fortunate that we were able to secure this informative interview for the readers of Analog Forever Magazine before his journeys commence. Upon his upcoming departure, we wish Thomas safe travels in his endeavors, and look forward to what he brings back from the field! In the meantime explore his one of a kind style and expertise in crafting his masterpieces at!

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Interview: Eric Kunsman - Historical Narrative

Analog Forever Magazine is pleased to share our latest interview with artist, educator, and collaborator, Eric Kunsman. Highlighted, are images from three different bodies of work from Eric, with questions regarding projects, print making, and the continued use of film to solidify your work and process as a photographer. We truly appreciate the time and energy from Eric in helping us put together this informative interview.

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Interview: James Guerin of Reality So Subtle Pinhole Cameras

For the month of July we're bringing the pinhole into focus at Analog Forever. For these long, hazy summer days we'll be looking at some long, hazy exposures made on what are, conceptually, the most basic of cameras. In advance of our next online exhibition of pinhole imagery curated by Nils Carlson, we're checking in with James Guerin, manufacturer of Reality So Subtle pinhole cameras, and the generous sponsor of the exhibition. One lucky photographer included in the “Camera Obscura” group exhibition will be awarded a Reality So Subtle 6x6F medium format pinhole camera.

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Interview: Photoworks SF - Analog Photography in the Digital Age

Originally founded by three partners as a one-hour photo lab business in 1987, PhotoWorks SF is now one of the West Coast’s premier film processing and printing labs that also offers a fully interactive digital imaging facility. 
Over the last 32 years the store has evolved and morphed into a place where analog photographers from all over the world call home. Though Dave Handler and staff have built a reputation for producing some of the best analog work in the world, it has taken years of evolving and changing with the industry to stay in business. 
To say they are a small business survival story would be limiting, as they have put their blood, sweat, and tears into holding onto their legacy while still keeping their doors open to professionals and enthusiasts alike. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave to talk about the last three decades of Photoworks SF, how they have survived, and his thoughts on the resurgence of analog and film photography as we approach the second decade of the 21st century.

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Interview: Marco Spaggiari's Moment of Knowability

Marco Spaggiari’s series "Moment of Knowability" highlights the ambiguity of the world around us by capturing dark and disorienting scenes. His instant film collages captivate viewers by triggering a search for answers in the world around us by allowing us to dive deep into the scenes he recreates from reality. The scenes he creates is his personal research that searches for a way to wake up new senses humanity has long since forgotten.

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Interview: Nicholas J R White's Series "Black Dots"

Read our latest interview with British photographer Nicholas J R White! His series "Black Dots" is a magical exploration of primitive unmanned shelters, known as bothies, that are scattered across the isolated and wild countryside of the United Kingdom. His work captures both the archaic beauty of these small structures living in the shadows of snow-capped peaks and the travelers that occupy their often bleak interiors, with nothing but fire and camaraderie to keep them warm.

Read the interview now at!

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Interview: Russell Joslin of Skeleton Key Press

Analog Forever Magazine is pleased to inform you all that we’ll be having another call for our next online exhibition in a couple of days. In anticipation for what we expect to be a wonderful exhibition, Editor in Chief, Michael Kirchoff has conducted an interview with our upcoming juror, Russell Joslin. Take a moment to get to know Russell as photographer, former Editor at Shots, and now Founder of Skeleton Key Press. Many thanks to Russell for his words, his photographs, and his tremendous efforts as publisher of this latest venture!

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Featured Photographer: In the Studio with Paula Riff

Analog Forever Magazine is pleased to present our latest feature, interview, and studio visit with photographic artist, Paula Riff. Editor in Chief, Michael Kirchoff, takes some time to get to know Paula and her gorgeous cameraless photograms, and find out the efforts of what it takes to produce her abstract works of art. Peek into her process and mindset behind her stunning creations made without the use of cameras or film. Like Paula, her world is vibrant, engaging, and full of life.

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Interview: 2019 Film Photo Award with Eliot Dudik and Aline Smithson

The Film Photo Award is a brand new semi-annual award program offering three distinct grants of Kodak Professional Film to film photographers who demonstrate a serious commitment to the field of analog photography and are motivated to continue the development of still, film-based photography in the 21st century. We had the opportunity to talk to the founder of the Film Photo Award, Eliot Dudik, and the first juror, Aline Smithson, to ask them about how this program came to be and about their expectations for the Spring 2019 cycle of grants.

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Interview: Thomas Alleman - A Dreamier View

Read our Interview with Thomas Alleman. During a fifteen-year newspaper career, Alleman was a frequent winner of distinctions from the National Press Photographer's Association, as well as being named California Newspaper Photographer of the Year in 1995 and Los Angeles Newspaper Photographer of the Year in 1996.

As a magazine freelancer, Tom's pictures have been published regularly in Time, People, Business Week, Barron's, Smithsonian and National Geographic Traveler, and have also appeared in US News & World Report, Brandweek, Sunset, Harper's and Travel Holiday. Tom has shot covers for Chief Executive, People, Priority, Acoustic Guitar, Private Clubs,Time for Kids, Diverse and Library Journal.

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Interview: Patricia Bender's Photograms - Euclidean Pursuits

An interview with fine art photographer Patricia Bender. Bender creates cameraless photograms that explore lines and shapes using Euclidean systems of geometry. Her work speaks to our primordial consciences that have developed over thousands of years that allows us to grasp the esoteric shapes that rule our world.

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Interview: Susan Burnstine - Lyrical Worlds

Susan Burnstine is an internationally exhibited and published fine art photographer hailing from the great city of Chicago, now based in Los Angeles. In addition to her photography, she is often found writing for various photography publications, most notably, a monthly column in Black and White Photography Magazine (UK). With over 25 solo exhibits conducted on an international scale, her work is included in many museum and private collections, including The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and The Candela Collection in Richmond. Burnstine’s first monograph, Within Shadows, was published by Charta Editions in September 2011, and was selected for Photo-Eye’s Best of 2011 book list. Her second monograph, Absence of Being, was was published by Damiani Editore in Fall 2016 and earned her Best In Show at the 2017 International PhotoBook Awards.

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Interview: Some Photos of That Day with Hugh Crawford

To call Some Photos of That Day a photobook of Polaroids would be disingenuous. On the surface this book is thousands of Polaroids placed in chronological order between two covers. What it really represents is the continuation of the late Jamie Livingston's magnum opus: a series of 6,754 photographs taken every day starting on March 31st,1979 and ending on the last day of his life on October 25th,1997, his 41st birthday. Livingston's "project" is undeniably complex because it works on multiple lines of reasoning on why such a project would be important to begin with. It could be interpreted simply as an artist's view of his immediate world or as a commentary on how life changes so slowly and often just as quickly.

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