CLOSED | Call for Entry: Online Group Exhibition - "Cameraless” September 2019

© Jenna Kuiper, Gemini, 2015

© Jenna Kuiper, Gemini, 2015

We are excited to announce our September online group exhibition, Cameraless, is sponsored by Bostick & Sullivan! With their support, we will be giving away a Cyanotype Immersion Kit to the juror’s top selection of this online exhibition! To enter, all you need to do is read and respond to the following prompt with your analog photography:

For this exhibition, we are looking to explore the long and rich history of cameraless photography. Dan Shepherd writes: “The history of photography began without a camera. The alchemy of light, chemistry and material that created the “photogenic drawings” of Henry Fox Talbot and Nicéphore Niépce has marched through time artfully combining science, experimentation with the hand of the artist into a rich tradition of cameraless photography. Marked by pioneering techniques such as Anna Atkins botanical cyanotypes that look as modern today as when they were made in the Nineteen Century, the Dada “Rayographs” of May Ray, Bauhaus photograms of László Moholy-Nagy, the “synthetic negatives” of Fredrick Sommer of the 50’s, the Lichtgrafik light studies of Heinz Hajek-Halke in the 60’s, chemigrams invented by Pierre Cordier, Barbara Kasten’s mixed media photogenic paintings in the 70’s, the underwater photograms by Susan Derges in the 90’s, and many others that have all laid the groundwork to the current exciting time for photographers who work sans camera”.

We invite you to submit two cameraless prints that were created by utilizing analog methods and materials. The images submitted can range from abstract photograms to collages created in the darkroom. We offer no limits to the photographs submitted, other than the fact that they are created in the darkroom using traditional techniques. The best of these images will be showcased in an online show curated by Analog Forever Magazine guest curator, Dan Shepherd! This online exhibition will go live on our website on September 16th, 2019! Please follow the directions below to complete your submission. Good luck!  

The deadline for submissions is August 31st, 2019!

The Prize - A Cyanotype Immersion Kit from Bostick & Sullivan!

One lucky participant will be chosen by Dan Shepherd from the photographers selected for this group exhibition to receive a A Cyanotype Immersion Kit courtesy of Bostick & Sullivan!

The Bostick & Sullivan Cyanotype Immersion Kit contains EVERYTHING you need to start creating your own cyanotypes at home! This kit is packed with items and includes:

  • 250ml  Cyanotype Kits x2

  • 500ml Cyanotype Toning and Bleaching kit

  • 8x10 tray

  • 2in Langnickel synthetic hair brush

  • 25 sheets of Revere Platinum paper

  • 1 14.5in x 15.5in canvas bag

  • 1 6in x 71in 100% silk scarf

Make sure you visit the Bostick & Sullivan website to learn all about their Cyanotype Immersion Kit!

Sponsored By:

Submission Guidelines: 

Image Specifications:
1) Only .jpg files will be accepted.
2) Images must be 1500px on the shortest side at 72dpi.
3) No photo-shopped borders or watermarks. 
4) Only two images may be submitted.
5) Images must be named in the following format: “FirstNameLastName1.jpg”, etc.

Email Specifications:
1) The subject line of your email should state: "Submission: Cameraless”
2) Please ATTACH your images to the email. Do not embed them. Do not attach a google drive or dropbox link. 
3) Please do not send PDF or Text Files. Please put all information into the body of the email.

Specific information needed for each Submission:
1) Your name as you would like it to appear.
2) The Camera and Process used to create your images.
3) Titles for each of your photograph(s). Write out each title exactly as you would like it to appear.
4) Email Address in the text of the email.
5) The Website Address you would like your images linked to.

Send your submission to by August 31st, 2019!

Note: Do to the large amount of submissions we receive you may not receive a response. Though we try our best to respond to everyone, we do not guarantee a response. Thank you for understanding.

Copyright Information:

By submitting photos for publication in Analog Forever Magazine you are stipulating to us that you own copyright to these photographs or have permission from the copyright holder to submit these photographs. You are granting Analog Forever Magazine a non-exclusive license to use the photograph in its submitted form, subject to re-sizing to fit the magazine format, for publication on the Analog Forever Magazine website for as long as the website exists. You also grant Analog Forever Magazine permission to use these photographs on social media accounts connected to Analog Forever Magazine including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Should you, for any reason, wish your photographs to be removed from the website, we will make every effort to do so. However, please note also that third parties such as educational institutions, search engines or individuals may download, save, store or archive this (or any other) website with or without our knowledge. Analog Forever Magazine will have no control over such downloading and subsequent use and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any such use.

About the Curator


Dan Shepherd is the Director and Owner of GALLERY 1/1 which specializes in experimental and alternative process photography and is based in San Jose, CA. He is also a Guest Editor for LENSCRATCH and a Contributing Writer for Don’t Take Pictures Magazine. When not championing the art of others, Dan tries to find time to get into the studio to work on his personal projects that center around science and nature.

Connect with Dan on his Website and on Facebook!