Workshop: Holga Photography with Zeb Andrews
know this inexpensive, medium format film camera. Workshop Details: Instructor: Zeb Andrews Dates Curious about film? Curious about medium format? Curious about Holga? Try all three in this
Featured Photographer: Monica Denevan - A Traveler's Connection
. Denevan travels light – if a medium format Bronica with a single lens, weighing upwards of three Medium Format process. She shoots on black and white medium format film and hand prints the images on traditional
Exhibition: The Silicon Valley Plastic Camera Show - 10 Years of Low-Fi Photography Brilliance
, and I fell in love with it.” Her medium format Holga camera imparts a sense of unreality to her Medium Format
Exhibition: Horizons Dissolved by Nils Karlson
Medium Format
Monica Denevan - A Traveler's Connection
Medium Format
Featured Photographer: Zeb Andrew's Series "Sea"
Medium Format
Interview: Susan Burnstine - Lyrical Worlds
Medium Format
Exhibition: Silicon Valley Plastic Camera Show
Medium Format
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