Hugh Crawford - Book Maker and Legacy Preserver
from 2011-2013. Crawford also produced Twin Towers Polaroids by Jamie Livingston. His future books
Interview: Some Photos of That Day with Hugh Crawford
address. I actually started my photo address books because I had a terrible time remembering names. I . MB: Do you have any upcoming books or projects that you are working on? HC: I’m working on two books It Must Have Been A Fabulous Party and How To Be Interesting. The first is mostly photographs from green lighted. As of February 2018, Crawford has mailed a literal ton of books to his backers and conditions and I have to redo the site. Books have been around a long time and if you spread a thousand or
Interview: Susan Burnstine - Lyrical Worlds
changed any aspect of how you photograph now? SB: Thank you, Michael. Well, books are a whole two books were very different experiences, but I can say that the second monograph Absence Of Being
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