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Workshop: Uranotypes with Morgan Post

  • The Penumbra Foundation 36 East 30th Street New York, NY, 10016 United States (map)

The element uranium is generally thought of today in connection with nuclear reactors or atomic bombs, but in the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century it played a significant role in photography. Most often it was used as a toner, producing red-brown tones on silver prints and blue, green and red tones on platinum prints.

In 1858, J. C. Burnett and Niépce de Saint Victor patented a uranium printing process. A uranium print, which uses uranium metal instead of silver to form the image, is sometimes called a uranotype. 

Students will explore the possibility of this salt exclusively and in combination with other precious metals. Some consider this the ‘holy grail of obscure alternative photography’. 

Note: The amount of radiation in a uranotype is so small that it is much less than radiation that occurs naturally in clay, shale and brick. The uranium used in this process is substantially depleted of its radioactive isotopes and considered safe to use. CAP has in place the proper safety equipment and procedures to use this salt. Now you can rest assured and enjoy the course! 

Workshop Details:

About Morgan Post:
Morgan Post has been a large format wet plate photographer and educator for the past seven years. Post holds a MFA degree from Utah State University, a BFA degree from the School Of Visual Arts, and an Associates Degree from Maine Media Workshops. He has worked extensively as a fine art and commercial photographer & digital artist in both Los Angeles and New York. He is currently teaching at Long Island University Brooklyn, Center For Alternative Photography and Fairfield University.

For more information visit the workshop page at The Penumbra Foundation!