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Exhibition: Instant085 | Fight Like A Girl

  • Circolo Aternino of Pescara 51 Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi Pescara, Abruzzo, 65128 Italy (map)
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Instant 085 is an ongoing exhibition series dedicated to showcasing new artist trends in contemporary photography. Based on their prior success of featuring exclusively  instant photography in 2016 and and exclusively analog photography in 2017, Instant 085 is pleased to announce that this year's exhibition is titled “Fight Like a Girl”. The 2018 edition of Instant 085 will exhibit 15+ italian female photographers in the historical location of the Circolo Aternino of Pescara, in Italy.

“Fight Like a Girl” aims to bring a new generation of photographers to the forefront of our collective consciousness and explore the ways photography has become an increasingly expressive tool for women in the modern world. Photography has enabled these artists to investigate themselves and their role in society by not only giving them a voice, but by giving them 1000 words in the form of each one of their photographs that show how loud they can really be, in a society that wants them weak and defenseless. This exhibition will dig through the folds of our reality and investigate the female body in its purest and most intimate forms. The artists’ work shown was created by using their own bodies, often strangled and distorted, to create unique rule-breaking landscapes with a pure vision of existential dignity. These women can not be controlled by societal norms and neither should you.

In addition to showing these 15 artists’ photographs, Instant 085 is proud to eliminate the distance between you and the actual artwork. During this exhibition you will be allowed to experience these photographs with all of your senses including touching them! There will be no frames, glass, or mattes during this event and you are welcomed to interact with this work. Instant 085 hopes to short circuit your brain and break the normals of photographic exhibitions.

Join Instant 085 for three days of wonderful female-centric photography at the Circolo Aternino of Pescara in Italy from November 2nd to the 4th of 2018.

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