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Exhibition: Here and There - A Collaborative Photography Exhibition

  • Rouge Space Chelsea 508-526 West 26th Street, 9E-9F-9G New York, NY 10001 United States (map)

"Here and There" is a one night exhibition event that will unite 10 international photographers’ work into one central space at Rouge Space Chelsea in New York New York. This exhibition will feature 40 unique photographs taken from around the globe from places such as Ethiopia, Hong Kong and New Jersey by the artists and will represent a diverse group of thought provoking styles.

About Rouge Space Chelsea:

Located In Beautiful New York City in the heart of Chelsea's vibrant art district, Rouge Space Chelsea is a sun-drenched gallery located in the The West Chelsea Building. It is an iconic hub of over 200 art studios and galleries situated in the heart of Chelsea's Art district located at 508-526th West 26th Street. For over a decade it has been a space creatives and celebrities have engaged in a variety of capacities: artists exhibiting, organization's fundraising, creative professionals networking, filmmakers filmmaking, photographers taking great pictures - all enjoying a unique experience in a nurturing, supportive environment.

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The following artists will be represented at this exhibition:

Adam Powell (Essex, UK)

A British photographer based out of NYC, Adam spends a great deal of time wandering around documenting the human existence in a humorous and thought-provoking way. He will be showing a series of photos taken at Exxxotica 2018, the world's largest pornography convention, the series was featured by Paper Magazine.

Chad Knuth (North Carolina)

When I moved my life to New York City in 2017, I brought with me my grandfather's 35mm camera. I immediately started taking photos of everyone around me and before I could take a breath, my passion for photography ensued. One year later, photography has become somewhat of a mediation, a hobby ingrained in me that will last forever.

Charlotte McCollum (Southern CA)

My name is Charlotte McCollum, I am originally from Southern California. I shoot on a Mamiya 7ii and Contax T2. I love warm colors, so Kodak Porta 400 is my go to film.

Christian Linares (Brooklyn, NY)

I’m Christian Linares 25 yrs old. I was born in mexico city and came to the US when i was 7.. i was raised in BK (sunset park) my aunt gifted me a film camera on my 20th bday and it’s been film ever since. my work has changed over the years, from minimal stuff to my main focus which is now street. i like my work to be raw and straight up forward.

Luis Garcia (Las Mata’s De Santa Cruz)

My name is Luis Garcia  I was born in Las Mata’s De Santa Cruz.  Now I live in Brooklyn- I like to shoot documentary portraits / fashion and street scenes.

Tyler Woodford (Ventura California)

My name is Tyler Woodford and I capture life as it is.

These images are the reflection of my first year living in New York. I wanted to convey a honest point of view on everyday life by capturing the energy of this great city we live in.

Ben Krueger (South Orange, NJ)

My name is Ben Krueger and I’m from South Orange, New Jersey. I like to shoot documentary portraits and street scenes.

Doug Todd (South Orange, NJ)

My name is Doug Todd and I reside in South Orange Nj. Ive enjoyed shooting landscape portraiture and city scapes, for the past 20+ years.

Benjamin Lieber (Buffalo, NY)

I moved to New York summer of 2018 to be inspired. Since my arrival I’ve developed my eye and found my nitch faster than ever. I am excited to be sharing my best work over the months since I landed here, revolving around the theme of isolationism in a new place, even/especially somewhere as crowded as New York. I strive to remove the viewer from context by constraining proportions and focusing on colors, lines, and patterns to “flatten” an image.

Jerry Pena (Upstate NY)

My name is Jerry Pena and I’m a photographer living in upstate NY. Whenever I get the chance I travel down to Manhattan and walk around photographing midtown. Photographing the streets of New York is always exciting but I often feel the need to leave and travel to see what other streets have the offer. This has led  to my current long-term project of travel street photography titled “Anywhere But Here.” Traveling around the world has shown me that the best part about leaving New York is returning. There is nothing like the streets of New York.

Stanislaw Rozewicz (Poland)

My name is Stanislaw Rozewicz; I was born in Poland and moved to NYC in 2007 at age 19. I’ve been shooting streets and documentary since 2015. I’ll be showing pictures I took at UFO/Alien Fair in Upstate NY earlier this year.

Devan C. (Yonkers, New York)

Spending his life living and moving though the various cities of New York, Devan Chirurgi has always felt tied to his home.  With this selection of photographs, Devan is expressing his sense of feeling trapped, in love, enthralled, and even in fear of some of the places he’s been.  This small body of work is titled “Here’s Where I’ve Been, So Here’s Where I’ll Stay,” and shows how Devan copes with life through photograph