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Convention: Reclaim Photography Festival 2019

Reclaim Photography Festival is an international community arts project which offers an annual programme of collaborations, events and exhibitions, aimed at promoting art photography through inclusive projects free of cost or competition, shown across our public spaces and in our galleries, both here in the UK and internationally. The festival is also committed to providing professional, volunteer and work experience opportunities for young people and emerging artist.

Reclaim Photography Festival returns to the UK this year from April to June 2019. The programme will include responses to our open call: Beauty in imperfection: reclaiming our aesthetic sensibility. Deadline for submissions is February 22, 2019! Submit Here!

Open Call for Entries Details:

In this year’s open call, the festival sets out to explore the aesthetic value of Wabi Sabi, as described by Koren, by proposing that there is beauty to be found in imperfection, impermanency and incompleteness, thus creating an aesthetic consciousness.

Wabi Sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. It is a beauty of things unconventional. Leonard Koren, ‘Wabi Sabi for artists, designers, poets and philosophers’, 2008.

The intangible qualities of beauty and imperfection assumes a transcendental significance within photography, directing the sensibility of the viewer to look beyond the immediately apparent and to search deeper within oneself for meaning and essence.

Aesthetic consciousness can be explored either through the use of photographic processes and techniques, the photographer’s artistic interpretation, from the subject matter; or by a combination of all three.

Participants are encouraged to respond to this theme through the use of analogue and cameraless photography (historical and alternative processes) or digital photography (photo painting, photo-montage and digital printing skills).

About Reclaim Photography Festival:

Reclaim Photography originated in Sweden during 2011 by a group of photographers who wanted to take art photography back to the streets. In 2015, Maxine Watts founded Reclaim Photography Festival in the UK. This international festival offers yearly international open calls, culminating in displays, events and gallery exhibitions, across a range of venues, affording work experience opportunities and professional awards for students and emerging artists.

Watts has also curated and produced international and regional group exhibitions including A Cartography of Dreams at Dimbola Lodge, the former home of the Victorian photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron, and Industrial Might, in celebration of 40 years of the Black Country Living Museum.

Festival Founder and Artistic Director, Watts, is a lecturer living and working in the West Midlands, UK. She is deeply interested in the social narrative of photography; the events, people and places, past and present, who invite us to share their stories through the images they inhabit.

For more information visit Reclaim Photography Festival’s Website!