Thomas Alleman - Photojournalism and a Plastic Camera


Born and raised in Detroit, Thomas Alleman has a varied and diverse skill set found in the trappings of a successful career in photography. Not initially succumbing to the visual arts, he graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in English Literature. Later, developing an interest in photography, he grew and learned his craft while launching a fifteen-year stretch as a photojournalist in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. During these and subsequent years in the corporate and editorial worlds, Thomas continues making his living with camera in hand, all the while making images on the side that would develop into full fledged fine art bodies of work.

Pulling from a historical archive, still very much topical and relevant to today’s society, Thomas presents photographs of his own American family in decline in “The Unwinding” — as well as imagery from San Francisco’s gay community during the height of the AIDS epidemic, “Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws”. These photographs, along with those from Alleman’s “Social Studies” work, continue to resonate with viewers.

On top of all of this is Alleman’s long term and ongoing project, photographed with the plastic Holga toy camera, “Sunshine and Noir”, of particular note to the film loving photographers of both yesterday and today. Started in Los Angeles in 2001, his desire to expand this collection to an ever widening list of cities - New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Paris, Boston, among others - has led to an immense body of work, with the prospect of publishing a monograph of his Los Angeles imagery.. Read our interview with Thomas Alleman Here!


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