Julia Beyer - Surreal Landscapes on Polaroid Film


Julia Beyer is a fine-art photographer from Germany who transforms already beautiful wilderness scenes into surreal psychedelic fantasies using expired Polaroid film. The landscapes she captures are exquisitely flawed from the expired chemistry in her film stock that echo the increasing reality of our world heating up. You can easily project that the surreal views she presents represent not only our dying world, but the need to escape the harsh truths of humanities’ grim future. The blue hues and golden flames that engulf the natural wonders she travels to exemplify the increasingly sparse true wilderness areas of our world that are slowly growing up in flames.

Though Beyer’s images transport us to these dark and mysterious places, she has no intention of us staying there. Beyer’s other artistic talents extend to music where she performs vocals in the Germany based dreampop band, Chandeen. Here, her melancholy voice is placed on top of dreamy trip hop synth backings that explore the sadness that is present even when the beats tell us otherwise. Beyer’s has been producing records with Chandeen since 2007, which is where she first encountered the world of expired Polaroid film. In 2008, French Polaroid photographer Emilie Lefellic filmed and produced the music video for “Welcome the Still” using various mediums including expired Polaroid film which upon its viewing, mesmerized Beyer with its unique and satisfying beauty.

Through this inspiration, Beyer began to shoot instant film in 2014. In the four years that have passed she has become known for her unique photographic style utilizing expired Polaroid film stock. She has accomplished feats ranging from being published in Blur Magazine, interviewed on Analog Magazine to being featured on Polaroid’s Blog. In addition to her photographic accomplishments, she has recently been able to combine her love for music and photography into multiple projects. Her involvement in the music industry has enabled her to use her Polaroid creations as the cover images for the July 2018 Chandeen EP, Rouge, the May 2018 Phosphenes’ album, Find Us Where We're Hiding, as well as shoot promotion material for Laura Carbone’s 2018 album, Empty Sea. Currently, Beyer’s work is currently being showcased by Stefanie Schneider's online "Instant Dreams" Gallery on Artsy.net and 1stdibs.com.

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