Hugh Crawford - Book Maker and Legacy Preserver


Hugh Crawford is a book maker the the preserver of Jamie Livingston's Polaroid legacy and mastermind behind Some Photos of That Day, a website and now book that catalogs 6,754 Polaroids taken over 18 years by his late friend, Jamie Livingston. 

Crawford grew up on a dairy and walnut farm in the Central Valley of California. By design or accident he became an "interesting person" in 1975 and found himself attending Bard College, a well known magnet for young people with interesting person syndrome in the Hudson Valley near New York City. Intending to dual major in painting and film-making, it was suggested to him by the painting and film-making departments to split the difference and major in photography. It was through this decision that he met Jamie Livingston, who was a film student as well as a collector of interesting people. 

After his college days, Crawford spent a few years in NYC photographing at CBGB, the Mudd Club, Danceteria, Studio 54, etc. and was the house photographer for Fiorucci. He took a year off to live at Rokeby in Barrytown, New York and planned to go back to New York City and commercial photography but ended up going to CalArts to get his Master in Fine Arts instead. After living in a camping trailer in the parking lot of CalArts and accidentally getting elected vice president of the student body, in 1985 he drove back to New York City and opened a studio on Ludlow Street, down the block from Katz's. During the 1990's he settled in Brooklyn, New York wanting to become an Art Professor. But life has a way of taking you down it's own path and he wound up working as a software architect during the 1990's internet boom.

Over the last 20 years Crawford has been known for not only managing the Some Photos off That Day website and producing a book of the same name. He has also exhibited work from various series at the The Old Stone House in Brooklyn from 2011-2013. Crawford also produced Twin Towers Polaroids by Jamie Livingston. His future books include It Must Have Been, a book a photographs 1978-1982 of the downtown art and club scene of NYC and How To Be Interesting, a unique Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous guide.

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