Patricia Bender's Photograms - Euclidean Pursuits

Fine art photography Patricia Bender creates cameraless photograms that explore lines and shapes using Euclidean systems of geometry. Her work speaks to our primordial consciences that have developed over thousands of years that allows us to grasp the esoteric shapes that rule our world.

Bender is a Midwestern transplant based in New Jersey. Initially a dancer by calling, for the first decades of her life she performed and choreographed, and even taught David Bowie how to tap dance. Since retiring from that life she has committed herself to photography, focusing on traditional black and white darkroom work. She has most recently been recognized with the 2018 Critical Mass Top 50, publication in Harpers Magazine, inclusion in the permanent collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and a November 2018 solo show at Frames and Framers in Short Hills, NJ. In February 2019 she will have a solo exhibition, Euclidian Pursuits, at the Hampton College Art Gallery in Amherst, MA.

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Julia Beyer - Surreal Landscapes on Polaroid Film

Dreamlike landscapes and surreal atmospheres are the visual language of Julia Beyer from Germany that she expresses mainly on instant film. In 2014, she began to delve into this photographic art form and since then expands her portfolio continuously. Her work is featured in the Photodarium (formerly Poladarium) calendar 2016, 2017 and 2018 and was featured in various international online and offline magazines (e.g. Blur Magazine, Analog Mag, Monochrome Mag). Since 2017, she is a member of the renowned "12:12 Project".

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